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Whether you are looking for multi-sensory math tutoring, executive functions coaching, or want to learn about your student’s learning strengths and challenges, QWERTY is here to help.

Maybe you have unanswered questions about how to best help your student, whether he or she is struggling or thriving? Contact us for a no-cost phone consultation. If we are unable to provide the services you may need, there’s a good chance that we know someone that can.

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Tutoring Services


Tutoring is an excellent way to develop confidence, organization, motivation, study skills, and to improve a student's overall performance.

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Executive Functions Coaching

Executive Functions

Students with Executive Functions challenges or ADHD can learn to cope with demands from an increasingly complex school environment.

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Educational Testing Services

Educational Testing

We offer standardized academic testing as well as cognitive testing, which can identify your student's strengths & weaknesses in the learning process.

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Admissions Services

Admissions Services

We offer ISEE, HSPT, and SSAT test preparation services, as well as a college essay writing course for seniors applying to college.

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Learning Consulting

Learning Consulting

Bring your education-related questions to QWERTY. Together we can determine how to help you or your child reach their true potential.

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Summer Services

Summer Services

Summer tutoring is a great way for students to work on a variety of skills without the pressures of a packed schedule and homework.

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About Us

We have been a premier provider of professional education services for Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Atherton and surrounding San Francisco Peninsula communities since 1976. Looking for multi-sensory math tutoring, help with writing, study skills support, educational testing or expert insight about how your student learns? QWERTY is here to assist.

Since we began offering tutoring in Menlo Park in 1976, our philosophy has been simple yet inspired: Students who develop self-understanding gain self-confidence and make educational progress to achieve their academic goals.

Everything we do reflects that philosophy. We are professional educators and learning specialists that build supportive relationships through one-on-one tutoring and other education-focused efforts.

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Our Team

Our team members are skilled in the essential relationship building that brings out the best in a diverse array of students.

Michael Perez

Michael Perez, M.S. Director

"As QWERTY's Director, I wear many 'hats,' but the best thing about my work is helping students to understand that the challenges they may face are navigable once they understand where their strengths lay."

Meet Michael

Betty Willdorff

Betty Willdorff, M.S. Education

"Customization for each student is essential. In my experience, it is this customization that lets students follow the path toward learning and understanding their individual strengths."

Meet Betty

Karyn Bosco

Karyn Bosco, M.A. Education

"It is my passion to find and bring out the strengths in every student. We are all unique learners and a 'one size fits all' education should not be thought of as a solution."

Meet Karyn

Koreen Wang Paterson

Koreen Wang Paterson, M.A. Educational Testing

"The joy of seeing students come to understand more about themselves is only surpassed by the depth of trust that comes from having the type of long-term working relationships that we build at QWERTY."

Meet Koreen


Our staff includes professional tutors and specialists from the fields of learning disabilities, educational psychology and educational therapy. Team members are skilled at assessing students' immediate needs, while developing longer-term strategies to improve academic performance and learning.

QWERTY’s Core Service providers are experienced in meeting a diversity of student needs including the development of techniques to compensate for obstacles to learning.


Students at QWERTY typically work directly with one or two of our staff, but in actuality, the expertise and experiences of several staff members are often brought to bear in working with a student.

As a student's needs change over time, we rely on collaboration to determine appropriate next steps. This may involve a student working with more than one staff member, or even transitioning the student to a different staff professional.


Our staff members regularly communicate with parents and in many cases, speak with and work with teachers, counselors and other professionals.

Coordinating between several members of a child’s education team requires sound judgment and communication skills. We are among the most sought after independent educators, so you can be confident that when you engage our services, you are working with a team of experts with unparalleled professionalism.

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Connect With Us
Michael Perez

About Michael

  • M.S. Engineering Economic Systems
    Stanford University
  • B.S. Aerospace Engineering
    University of Michigan
  • Born: Grand Forks, ND
  • Moved to California: 1992
  • Favorite Food: Pizza, burgers (repeat as necessary!)
  • Activities & Interests: Mountain biking, cycling, running, hiking, cooking, reading, wine, hanging out with friends
  • Factoid: Played the voice of God in "The Littlest Angel" in 8th grade.

Michael Perez is the Center Director at QWERTY. He is most often the first contact you will have with us as he fields initial inquiries and referrals and matches new students with our staff members.

Michael works with students of all ages in a broad range of subjects and skills including math, science, English, history, keyboarding, study skills, organization, and motivation. He joined QWERTY in 1998 as an education consultant after tutoring students in math, science, and English in a variety of tutorial and college settings since 1986.

In 2001, Michael became a partner in the agency and began directing QWERTY in 2009.

Betty Willdorff

About Betty

  • M.S. Education
    Lesley College
  • B.S. Child Development
    University of California - Davis
  • Born: San Francisco, CA
  • Moved to California: Native
  • Favorite Food: Veggie pizza, chocolate and peanut butter (together!)
  • Activities & Interests: Indoor cycling, golf, running, reading, enjoying my kids' accomplishments, spending time with friends
  • Factoid: Backpacked in Europe and still has the library card she was issued in Bergen, Norway.

Betty Willdorff, a Learning Specialist, joined QWERTY in 2006. She is a diagnostician who worked for many years at local community colleges as a Learning Disabilities Specialist in addition to maintaining an independent private practice as an educational consultant.

Betty provides educational and academic support for students in many areas ranging from language arts, history, elementary through middle school math, and science, organization skills, schedule planning, time management, to test preparation, and college essay writing. She is particularly adept at working with students who struggle with attention and organizational issues and working with students who benefit from a multi-sensory approach.

Karyn Bosco

About Karyn

  • M.A. Education
    University of San Francisco
  • B.A. Communication
    University of San Francisco
  • Born: Gustine, CA
  • Moved to California: Native
  • Favorite Food: Anything I don’t cook myself!
  • Activities & Interests: Yoga, cycling, reading, playing with my dogs, movies, jigsaw puzzles, food
  • Factoid: Traveled to 33 different countries during her junior year of college while abroad in Florence, Italy.

Karyn Bosco started her career as an Education Specialist in 2005 as a Special Day Class teacher. Since then she has held teaching, specialist and coordinator positions for students with special needs.

Karyn relates to students who may need an alternative approach to understanding. She is creative in her style and believes in bringing out the genius in every student. Her strength lies in the ability to form and maintain working relationships with her clients, as well as the willingness and determination to meet the need of every student.

Koreen Wang Paterson

About Koreen

  • Licensed Educational Psychologist
  • M.A. Education
    University of California - Los Angeles
  • B.A. Psychology
    University of California - Los Angeles
  • Born: Los Angeles, CA
  • Moved to California: Native
  • Favorite Food: Freshly baked bread with butter
  • Activities & Interests: Reading, singing, dancing, baking, arts & crafts, family time
  • Factoid: Played the flute in her high school marching band

Koreen Wang Paterson is a Licensed Educational Psychologist who joined QWERTY in 2000. She conducts psychoeducational evaluations for students of all ages, consults with parents and provides individualized instructional support. She loves using her clinical and diagnostic skills, both in assessing students and in helping them to come to a more robust understanding of their own strengths and challenges.

Koreen began teaching at the elementary level in regular education in 1987. She has worked as a school psychologist across multiple grades at district, county and state schools, including the California State School for the Blind. Koreen is also a homeschooling mother of three.