Why We Emphasize Written Language

QWERTY Education Services began as “QWERTY Writing Center.” From our inception, we recognized and prioritized the importance of written language in developing not only competent students, but in helping people to acquire a mechanism for affecting the world around them.

Writing skills begin developing at quite a young age, so when a child takes a crayon and scribbles on paper, that is writing in its nascency. As children learn their alphabet and numbers, they attempt to write out the letters, numbers, and, perhaps, their names. Formal writing instruction begins in kindergarten.


Writing is important because it allows children to use their own words to express their feelings and thoughts. Good writing skills are a necessary component for communication.

Yet, some children are reluctant to express themselves honestly at the risk of being “wrong,” or thought of in a different light. It is important to encourage students to be ok with their thoughts and feelings, and to express them in writing.

  • Writing is a confidence building tool.
  • It encourages students to find a “voice” when they may not be able to speak up orally.
  • It also requires students to think about the world around them, to explore other ideas and viewpoints.

This process promotes independent thinking skills. In addition, when students feel comfortable with expressing themselves in writing, having them read their writing aloud contributes to building confidence. Many of the students with whom we work have writing skills in varying degrees of development, along with varying degrees of confidence in their writing.

We work with students on developing their writing skills to enhance proficiency and reach toward excellence. Since we individualize our methods and approach for each student, we don’t subscribe to only one “type” of writing program. We are able to pull from the various methods available and customize them for the individual. While a particular approach may work in one session, it may or may not in the next. Flexibility is an important attribute to possess when encouraging students to reveal their ideas and thoughts, and to place them on paper, or on a computer.

In our world, written expression is vital to academic success, but it is also an integral component in both the business and social world. So, encouraging students to express themselves in writing will pave the way to success both in and out of the school setting.

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